I love eggs. Mostly in cake. Or not in cake.
I’ve decided to very tentatively start playing with the idea of documenting the joys of food. I have always been very slow on the up-take with all things technological; all this newfangled blogging lark was right over my head until a few years ago, when someone planted the seed. The seed got unwatered and ignored until I made my sister’s wedding cake in August, 2015. And then I thought…. sod it, have a go (actually, a lot of people started planting a lot more seeds till they got in the way of my others thoughts)
I am passionate about cooking, baking and eating. Plus I am mildly obsessed with taking pictures of food so I might as well have somewhere to save them. I have a personality of extremes and my cooking and eating is no different; generally speaking I am obsessed with things that are super-healthy or super-lardy.
My best friend, the most passionate person I know and most skilled cook I know, taught me how to cook- really cook- when I was 21 and I have never looked back. She introduced me to a world of flavours and spices and enthusiasm for all things food that I had never given the time it deserved before. I have been an avid baker ever since, and trying to match her incredible standard of cooking (failing, but still trying!)
 I’ve written down my thoughts since I was old enough to hold pen to paper, and the first thing I did when I (finally) bought a camera phone was to take a picture of my dinner- so I guess it’s fitting that I’m haphazardly gluing the two together. 
I will never make claims to being a good blogger, but I might learn something and have fun along the way….. 

3 thoughts on “about

  1. Hello there!
    I don’t know how else to get in touch with you, I can’t seem to see an email address anywhere for you.
    I am getting married next year and I’m at a loss as to who where to find someone to make our cake. Until, that is, I saw the cake you made for your sister’s wedding, on Love My Dress. It is exactly the cake I am after – I’ve seen some just like it in a Vogue article on Facebook a while ago and I took some screen shots.
    I think you can probably guess what I’m going to ask you…. Please would you consider making our cake?! Please?
    Thank you in anticipation
    Gemma x


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